MARROW – A Short Film for Sine & Cosine

Marrow is a short fashion film we commissioned filmmakers Richard van Rijn and Thomas Hibbert to make as a mid-season campaign. Through collaborating with other artists, we want to show their interpretation of our products and the meaning they give them. It adds to the story of Sine & Cosine from the exterior instead of the interior, which is just as important. It also allows us to express ourselves in a way that doesn’t typically fall within our creative endeavors as a brand—a short film is one of those. 

Thomas & Richard shared the following about Marrow: 

“We felt inspired by the world building of Sine & Cosine and wanted to contribute to that. For some reason, we came up with the idea of Dutch folklore as a potential reference for the video, and then we just ran with it. We wanted to create a film that submerges people in a world that gives them an interesting viewing experience—something that wasn’t your run-of-the-mill fashion film. Of course, it had to be clear that it was about Sine & Cosine, so we used the shoes as a story-telling mechanism.”


Creators: Thomas Hibbert @softspokenstudios & Richard van Rijn @richardvanrijn

Director: Thomas Hibbert @softspokenstudios

Producer: Thomas Hibbert @softspokenstudios & Richard van Rijn @richardvanrijn

DP: Richard van Rijn @richardvanrijn

Focus Puller: Julius Kuyper @juliusk008

Editor: Richard van Rijn @richardvanrijn 

Color grader: Richard van Rijn @richardvanrijn & Julius Kuyper @juliusk008

Compositor: Lizzy Diesveld @lizzy.dpx 

Composer: Kees van ’t Klooster @outputk

Stylist: Sine & Cosine with special thanks to @timtimclub for the faceless figures’ costumes. 


Mable: Annebel Steurs @annabelsteurs

Marrow: Yannick Weermeijer @yannickweermeijer

Faceless figures: Sam Roos @sam_roos, Benjamin Carels @carelbenjamins, Yana Engelbrecht @yanaengelbrecht, Victor de Groot @victordegroot


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